Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the El Camino Football Frequently Asked Questions page. Here you can get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by parents.

Senior Bio's

How do the player ads work? Do you have a template or do I have to create something?

Player ads are created by Barber Pole Films, but they can also be created by parents if desired. Just email the design to and we'll scale it to fit in the program. If for whatever reason the design doesn't fit or we run into a problem we'll contact you to get it adjusted.

I have a 8x10 picture I'd like to use for the ad, do I have to scale it?

No, we'll do the scaling for you. We prefer to receive digital images, but if you only have a hard copy of the photo we can scan it for you. If you do have a hard copy of the pic mail it here...

Barber Pole Films
7144 Fair Oaks Blvd Suite #5
Carmichael, Ca

How many pictures can I include?

I would recommend anywhere from 2-4, the more pictures you include the smaller the pictures are going to be to make them fit into the ad space. Any text you would like to include might be adjusted as well to make everything fit in the space.

Here are Some Examples